2014 Vacations: Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is not a typical tourist destination in the USA. The city that was once the fourth largest in the country got seriously hit when the steel mills it was »

2014 Vacations: New York

New York was the last city on our trip and the only one where we don't have friends living around. So we got some hotel recommendations from Diego, my business »

2014 Vacations: Chicago

It was Silvia's first time in the US and Chicago is a pretty sure shot when it comes to first impressions. You get the lake, the beautiful parks, nice people »

Publishing Deal

Summary: NEA offered me a publishing deal on my master of science dissertation and, after some pondering, I took it. We are now formatting the text and it should be »

Building an Ergodox Keyboard

I can't really remember when I got interested in mechanical keyboards. I confess having the curious habit of investigating the microcosmos of day to day items such as speakers, light »

Recording Screencasts

After a short debate and some test runs to decide who would be doing what in the Pronatec courses, it was decided that Prof. Barretto would cover programing theory and »